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About MantisSwap

The next generation StableSwap on Polygon
Mantissa Finance is a new decentralised finance (DeFi) primitive on the Polygon blockchain that aims to redefine the trading experience for pegged assets.
Mantissa introduces MantisSwap, a single-sided AMM for trading pegged assets that is designed to maximise capital efficiency and minimise principal losses for liquidity providers. Through its innovative design, MantisSwap will push the boundaries of traditional AMMs with greater capital efficiency, lower trading fees, principal protection for liquidity providers and a super intuitive UI to fuel DeFi growth and adoption.
MantisSwap allows seamless trades of different stablecoins and pegged assets while offering lower slippage, cheaper gas and safer trades. With the majority of liquidity within a DeFi ecosystem flowing through its native DEX, we believe our ecosystem-centric DEX will become the liquidity hub on Polygon and the premier destination for trading pegged assets.
Last modified 3mo ago