šŸŖ‚Mantissa Airdrop Program

The Mantissa Airdrop Program is built to reward users who contribute meaningfully to the growth of MantisSwap by performing simple yet significant actions. 5% (25,000,000 MNTS) of the total MNTS supply is allocated to the Airdrop Program.

Phase 1 (April to TGE)

Phase 1 of the Mantissa Airdrop Program will go live on 3rd April, 5 pm UTC and will continue until our TGE. A final snapshot date will be announced in due time.

Mantissa Points

Mantissa points are a measure of your contribution to the growth of MantisSwap. Users will be able to earn Mantissa Points under 2 categories: Protocol Points and Referral Points. The points earned by the user ii given by

Pi=PD+PRP_i = P_D + P_R

where PDP_D are the Protocol points and PRP_R are the referral points earned by the user ii.

Protocol Points

Protocol points (PDP_D) are awarded to users for interacting with MantisSwap dApp. Users can earn Protocol points by doing the following actions:

  • Depositing liquidity in MantisSwap pools

  • Swapping pegged assets on MantisSwap

The protocol points earned by a user ii for a token jj is given by

PD,ij=Ī²jāˆ«t=0T(Vij(t)+Ī³Sij(t))ā€‰dtP_{D,ij} = \beta_j \displaystyle\int_{t=0}^T (V_{ij}(t) + \gamma S_{ij}(t)) \thinspace dt


Vij(t)V_{ij}(t) is the number of tokens jj deposited by user ii at time t

Sij(t)S_{ij}(t) is the total volume (expressed in number of tokens) of the token jj swapped by user ii at time t

Ī²j\beta_j is the weight multiplier of the token jj

Ī³\gamma is the swap multiplier of the token jj

Values of token multipliers are shared below in Multiplier Valuessection.

For example: a user who deposits 100 USDC (Ī²USDC=1)(\beta_{USDC} = 1) for 10 days would be rewarded 24k points for this period (1 x 100 USDC Ɨ 10 days Ɨ 24 hours/day = 24000 Points).

To obtain total protocol points for a user ii we sum the points for each token the user interacts with:

PD=āˆ‘jPD,ijP_D = \displaystyle\sum_j P_{D,ij}

Referral Points

Users who help in expanding the Mantissa community will be rewarded with Referral Points. By inviting new members, users will be able to enhance their earnings. Initially, whitelisted users will be provided with a unique Referral code. When someone signs up for the Mantissa Airdrop Program using this referral code, the referee will receive 10% of the total protocol points earned by the new user. You can invite multiple users using your referral code. Additionally, the referred user will get a 5% boost on the protocol points they earn.

We plan on distributing referral codes to a select few users periodically, via a variety of activities and quests, so stay tuned and keep actively participating.

Multiplier Values

The unique design of MantisSwap allows us to assign boost multipliers to each token and actions performed with that token, allowing us as well as our partners to reward users who contribute towards a specific token pool growth. You can find the multipliers assigned for each token below.

TokenWeight MultiplierSwap Multiplier










wETH (coming soon)



This table will be updated with multiplier values when new asset pools are added.

Boosting Points

Users will be able to boost their points under various scenarios.

New pool launches

For all the new asset pool launches there will be a boost applied to each token for a limited period. The boost will be applied on the protocol points through token weight multiplier.

Rebalancing the pool liquidity ratio

Users who perform a swap that converges the liquidity ratios of two tokens will get a boost on swap multiplier of 1.5x.

OG users

OG users who have interacted with MantisSwap till December 2023 will have a 1.5x boost applied to the points they earn at the end of the campaign.

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