At MantisSwap, security is one of our top priorities. We have taken several measures to ensure the safety & longevity of the protocol.


The Treasury account will be hosted on a Safe (previously called Gnosis Safe) multi-sig wallet to store the protocol funds in a secure manner and prevent any bad actors from compromising the funds. The multi-sig will include members from the Mantissa Finance core team initially with more prominent names to be added with time.


The Mantis AMM smart contracts have been audited by reputed auditing firms. All future contracts will also be audited before they are made live. You can find the full report from each of the audits at the links below.

De-peg Protection

We have partnered with Chainlink & API3 to get the latest price feeds for all the tokens in our protocol. These prices will always be consulted before a swap occurs to predict depeg risks.

Apart from our innovative slippage curve which prevents pool drainage, we use an additional layer of protection to ensure that an impending depeg incurs minimal loss to our LPs by introducing the Risk Tolerance Variable (RTV) for each token. When a token surpasses the risk threshold, a circuit breaker is triggered that halts swaps from this token until the protocol returns to a more stable state. Even if the token fully depegs after this point, the system remains in the same state, unaffected by the depeg.

The circuit breaker point is calculated using internal pool metrics that directly correlate to the health of the protocol. These metrics are further reinforced with oracle price feeds which are obtained from our partnership with Chainlink on Polygon and API3 on zkEVM. The circuit breaker check is always performed first before a swap occurs, ensuring safety of the protocol.

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