LP Stake

Users can stake their LP tokens in the protocol to earn liquidity mining rewards in the form of MNTS tokens. These rewards need to be claimed by the user from the protocol

The MNTS rewards earned on a token by a user depend on the following factors -

  • MNTS Rewards allocated to the token

  • % user amount staked compared to the total amount staked for the token

  • veMNTS balance of the user

Therefore, users who are early are bound to earn substantially more MNTS on their deposit in the initial phases.

Users can unstake their position anytime, at which point all their pending rewards will be automatically claimed.

BPT Stake

MNTS liquidity will be deployed on Balancer as a 80-20 MNT-WETH pool. Users can add liquidity to this pool to get BPT (Balancer Pool Tokens)

Similar to staking LP, users can stake their BPT tokens to earn veMNTS. Claiming & holding veMNTS tokens allows users to increase their LP staking rewards. However, as soon as a user unstakes their position, their veMNTS balance goes to 0.

Detailed explanation on MNTS reward emissions can be found in Reward Emission Model

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