How is it different from other stable swaps?

It is the first stable swap on Polygon to offer single-sided liquidity, open pool design, LP protection and lower slippage

Which chain will Mantis Swap be deployed on?

We have launched on Polygon and Polygon zkEVM. We will expand to other chains in the future.

Where can I buy MNTS?

Our 80-20 MNT-WETH pool will be created on Balancer.

Is there any way to earn extra rewards on Mantis Swap?

Deposit in our 80-20 MNT-WETH pool to earn Balancer LP token. Stake these to earn veMNTS. The more veMNTS you have, more will be your share of emissions.

Is there any lock-in to earn veMNTS?

There is no lock-in. You can withdraw your Balancer LP anytime but once to withdraw, your veMNTS balance will become 0.

Are the LPs protected against token depegs?

There are 2 levels of protection. First of all the slippage curve is such that slippage reaches a very high value once it deviates too much from equilibrium. Secondly, there are circuit breakers placed which halts trading based on the amount of non-depegged tokens left in the system. For more details see here.

If the circuit breakers are active and trading has been halted, as an LP can I withdraw my tokens supplied to Mantis?

Yes, only the swap process halts whenever the circuit breakers are active. Any LP can withdraw their liquidity. There is no lock on that.

Are the contracts audited?

Yes the contracts have been audited by Peckshield and Omniscia.

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