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Reward Emission Model

Total supply of MNTS is 500 million and 42% of it is reserved for reward emissions. As LPs deposit stablecoins in pools they receive an LP token. LPs can stake these tokens to earn liquidity mining rewards in the form of MNTS tokens.
The rewards share for a LP depends on both the liquidity deposited and veMNTS balance of the LP. It is given by:
LP Reward Share=Deposit(1+veMNTS1000)LP \ Reward \ Share = Deposit(1+\frac{\sqrt{veMNTS}}{1000})
The final LP reward for a user is given by the following equation:
LP Reward=LP Reward ShareTotal Reward Share = Deposit (1+veMNTS1000)ifor all usersDepositi(1+veMNTSi1000)LP\ Reward=\frac{LP\ Reward\ Share}{Total\ Reward\ Share}\ =\ \frac{Deposit\ (1+\frac{\sqrt{veMNTS}}{1000})}{\sum^{for\ all\ users}_i{}{Deposit}_i(1+\frac{{\sqrt{veMNTS}}_i}{1000})}
Deposit = Deposit made by LPs
veMNTS = veMNTS balance of LP
The APR for each token will be calculated by:
APR=365(Daily Emission of token)(LP Reward)(Price of MNTS)Amount of LP Deposited by userAPR=\frac{365(Daily\ Emission\ of\ token)(LP\ Reward)(Price\ of\ MNTS)}{Amount\ of\ LP\ Deposited\ by\ user}
Before the launch of DEX pool, APR will be calculated considering price of 1 MNTS as $0.03. This is the price at which DEX pool will be launched.